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Baden-Powell was born Paddington in London, on 22 February 1857. His father was a Church of England priest and professor at Oxford University. His father died when he was just three years old, and it was left to his mother, Henrietta Grace Smyth to bring up Baden-Powell and his siblings. Poster Hippie be strong be brave be humble be badass. He studied at Charterhouse school and learnt rudimentary scouting skills playing in nearby woods. After school, he joined the British Army as an officer and was posted in India. He served in the British army from 1876–1910. During his army career, he learnt more advanced scouting skills, especially during his time in South Africa where knowledge of the countryside was vital for gaining information and avoiding the enemy. In 1884 he published Reconnaissance and Scouting. From 1899 to May 1900, Baden-Powell commanded the garrison at Mafeking during the Second Boer War. The siege of Mafeking lasted 217 days and the successful defence of the town raised the national profile of Baden-Powell.

Poster Hippie be strong be brave be humble be badass

In the 1940s, Bergman wrote to the influential Italian director Roberto Rossellini praising his work and suggesting that they make a film together. In 1950, they filmed Stromboli (1950) together and she also began an affair with Rossellini, which resulted in boy — Robertino Rossellini, born in 1950. Shortly after his birth, she divorced Lindstrom and married Rossellini. She gave birth to twin daughters in 1952. Her affair with Rossellini and divorce had a devastating impact on her carefully cultivated image and popularity. From being the angel of Hollywood, she was criticised and censored, at a time when there was a stricter morality about divorce. She was even denounced on the floor of the US Senate by Charles H.Percy who stated she was “a powerful influence for evil.” (22 years later he would enter an apology in the Congressional Record.) Towards the end of her life Bergman would wryly remark that her public image went.

During the 1950s, Bergman featured in several of Rossellini’s films. They were quite different to her previous Hollywood box office hits. Rossellini adopted a neo-realist style — often using non-professional actors and only a minimal script. In fact, Bergman was one of the few actors that Rossellini used on several occasions. The relationship was not always easy, and communication difficulties meant, in 1957, she divorced Rossellini; a year later she married Lars Schmidt a marriage which lasted two decades until they divorced in 1975. After a break from Hollywood, she returned to feature in Anastasia (1956) this gained her a second Academy Award for Best actress. In 1958, she was the presenter of Academy Award for Best Picture, receiving a rapturous welcome, indicating her return to Hollywood’s affections. Poster Hippie be strong be brave be humble be badass.

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Her later film career involved a variety of roles, illustrating her adaptability and flexibility. She alternated between European and American films and also featured in stage productions and some TV work. She spoke five languages (Swedish, German, French, Italian and English) and featured in films with different languages.Her last role came in A Woman Called Golda (1982), where she played the Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir. It was her last acting role, and she took it on, despite suffering from breast cancer. Just four months after finishing filming, she died. She received a second Emmy Award for best actress. In 1974, she received her third Oscar for her role in “Murder on the Orient Express” (1974). She refused the role of Princess Dragomiroff, choosing instead the much small role of Greta Ohlsson, an old Swedish missionary. It was typical of Bergman, she was careful of the roles she played and chose them for many reasons — not just which would be most successful or highly paid.

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