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In foreign policy, Gorbachev frequently surprised the west at the intensity and urgency with which he urged nuclear disarmament and an end to the arms race. This was despite some belligerence on the behalf of President Reagan. At the start of the 1980s Reagan referred to the Soviet Union as the ‘evil empire’ but after a few years, even this staunch anti-Communist saw Gorbachev was different. UK premier Mrs Thatcher famously remarked ‘this is a man with whom we can do business’ The end of Communism, the freedom of eastern Europe and the end of the cold war, may all seem inevitable with the benefit of hindsight. But, a different leader may not have been willing to relinquish power, allow press freedom and move the economy towards democracy. It was not just Gorbachev who ended the Cold War. Other figures played important roles, Pope John Paul II, Reagan, Thatcher, Kohl, and many ordinary people of Eastern Europe who literally smashed the Berlin Wall. But, Gorbachev more than anyone else was the crucial piece of the jigsaw. It was only through Gorbachev that the grip of Communism slipped and changed the world more than any one in the twentieth century. Black queen today is a good day poster.

Black queen today is a good day poster

When Gorbachev came to power in 1985, there was a very real threat of nuclear war. The Soviet Union and the US were at loggerheads and the rhetoric of the opposing leaders left no doubt about the bitter ideological divide between east and west. In the Soviet Union, the Communist Party had maintained a totalitarian grip on the country ever since the revolution of 1917. In 1985, there seemed no hope for the vast power and reach of the Communist party to be challenged — let alone transformed. Gorbachev was a committed socialist, but he was also interested in the truth and from his own career in the Communist bureaucracy was aware of the Soviet Union’s limitations. Gorbachev has officially stated that he is an atheist. However, at the same time, he has been open to religious influences. He has admired the life of St Francis of Assisi, Pope John Paul II and cultivated a friendship with Indian spiritual teacher, Sri Chinmoy. Speaking of his own beliefs, he said.

Adolf Hitler (1889–1945) was a charismatic leader of the Nazi party, gaining power in 1933 and become dictator of Germany until his death in 1945. He led Germany in an aggressive war of conquest invading Western Europe and then the Soviet Union. Initially successful, his army then suffered a series of reverses, before the eventual complete defeat of his Nazi Germany in 1945. Hitler has become infamous as a personification of human evil. His name is inexorably linked to the Holocaust and extermination of Jews and other ‘undesirables’. Black queen today is a good day poster. He is also seen as the principal cause of the Second World War in which over 70 million people died. Yet, in the midst of the Great Depression, he captivated a nation with his mixture of charm, xenophobia, and ability to persuade.

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Hitler was born in Austria in 1889 to relatively humble beginnings. His early life gave few hints as to his future destiny. He was a comparative failure and something of a loner. He was twice rejected from his application to study art, and after struggling to survive in Vienna, in 1913, he moved to Munich. In his early life, he imbibed the anti-semitic feelings which were common for the times but displayed little political interest. On the outbreak of the First World On the outbreak of the First World War, he joined the German army and got promoted to Corporal. He survived the war and in 1918 — like many other German officers — was bitterly disappointed with the perceived ‘betrayal’ of the German surrender and the harsh retribution meted out by the Versailles Treaty. Against this backdrop of defeat and threat of turmoil within Germany, Hitler turned to politics and set up a fledgeling political party — the NSDAP (Nazi party) with its mixture of nationalistic and fascist policies.

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