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Fidel Castro is a popular political figure in many developing economies — Africa and Latin America for his belief in egalitarianism and anti-imperialism. However, he is severely criticised in many Western countries, especially the US for his rejection of democracy and suppression of internal dissent. Within Cuba, he remains popular with a large section of the population for his nationalism and egalitarianism. However, at the same time, many middle-class Cubans have left in frustration at the economic and political limitations. Since his retirement and ill-health, Castro was not involved in government, but he was still one of the dominant personalities of Cuba. In 2015, Barack Obama said the US would begin normalising relations with Cuba, leading to the possibility that the decades of sanctions could be lifted. Rabbit to my daughter love dad blanket.

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Sanger felt that providing knowledge about birth control was essential for liberating women, especially in the poorer working class. She began a campaign to challenge Federal laws banning any material on contraception. She published pamphlets and newsletters, which gave information on how women could undertake ‘birth control’ — a relatively new term that she is credited with popularising. In August 1914, she was charged with disseminating obscene material through the postal system. (the obscene material being advice on contraception) Wishing to avoid standing trial, she fled to England. In the next year, her husband William Sanger was convicted for sending a copy of Family Limitation to an anti-vice politician. He spent 30 days in prison and the trial raised contraception as a civil liberty issue.

Sanger was encouraged by her supporters in Europe and also the knowledge that most European countries had more liberal laws on contraception. The imprisonment of her husband has also helped to swing public opinion in favour of her promotion of birth control. Sanger returned to New York and opened a family planning clinic in Brooklyn, New York. It was the first of its kind and also involved breaking the law. Shortly after it was opened, Sanger and her sister Ethel Byrne were arrested. Out on bail, Sanger returned to the clinic until she was arrested a second time, and also charged with being a public nuisance. Rabbit to my daughter love dad blanket. Sanger was arrested a total of eight times during her life for challenging the law on contraception. She argued it was both a civil liberty for women to be able to choose contraception and also essential for public health. At her trial in 1917, the judge argued that women “did not have the right to copulate with a feeling of security that there will be no resulting conception.” She was offered a lenient sentence if she promised not to break the law again, but she replied that she could not agree with the law as it stood. She was sentenced to 30 days in a workhouse.

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Sanger began an extensive nationwide tour speaking to a diverse group of Americans from churchmen to women’s clubs with the aim of bringing safe and effective birth control into American society. It was controversial and she experienced opposition from the Catholic Church and conservative-minded politicians. In 1929, she was banned from speaking in Boston. However, she stood on stage with a gag around her mouth and her speech was read out by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Sr. As a result of her nationwide campaign, she received hundreds of letters from women desperate to avoid unwanted pregnancies. She compiled these letters into a powerful testament of women’s struggles in Motherhood in Bondage (1928). She also wrote several books on birth control including Family Limitation, Woman and the New Race and The Pivot of Civilization. These sold over half a million copies. She also published two autobiographies “My Fight for Birth Control” (1931)

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